Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice (CO2) blasting is an efficient and cost-effective way for industries to maximize production capability and quality. Carbon dioxide is a non-poisonous, liquefied gas, which is both inexpensive and easily stored at work sites.

Dry ice blasting is similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared. But that's where the similarity ends.

Instead of using hard abrasive media to grind on a surface (and damage it), dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, accelerated at supersonic speeds, and creates mini explosions on the surface to lift the undesirable item off the underlying substrate.

What SSI can provide for your dry ice blasting needs:

  • Reliable service
  • Competitive pricing
  • State of the art knowledge, equipment and training
  • A professional, well-trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Dry Ice Blasting leaves no secondary waste